Stratovate Creates Brand Stories.

Our approach to brand development is unlocking the unique story that is hidden within your organization.

Who is the Stratovate Group?

Stratovate Group is full service marketing and strategy agency.
Stratovate Group has a completely different approach to marketing, strategy and brand management.
What makes our approach different? We believe that everything is interrelated. In fact, we call our approach the Honeycomb Effect™.
The Honeycomb Effect is a philosophy we use to provide value to all our customers.

Our Mission

We create environments where our Employees and Customers collaborate freely to create positive change.

Our Vision

To become the most Customer-centric Agency.

Our Reason For Being

We have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and look to achieve a higher level of understanding in all facets of our business.

We want to share our knowledge and experience with our partners to help make them successful. Our success is our partners' success.

Contact Us Today and Positively Change Your Business. 

The First Move is Yours

The Story of Stories.

Since the dawn of time, stories have been created to teach morals, retell adventures, explain phenomena or for entertainment. Stories allow people to command attention. Through the use of dance, speech, art, song, writings, music or a mixture of these, stories became something mystical. Cultures rallied around these stories. They shared them with their descendants. These stories became a part of their very fabric.

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These stories propagated more stories - and so the cycle continued. Passed on from a personal level to families to cultural representation, and back to the personal level, the cycle of stories will continue long after we are gone.

It is this inherent ability of humans to tell and listen to stories that draws on our affinity to particular brands. Whether people, places or things, these brands not only have their own singular story, but they become a part of our own personal stories.

At Stratovate, we know the capacity and appetite that organizations and people have for storytelling. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to these stories. We listen to these organization's or individual's stories and retell them in a way that will help them be heard by the greatest number of individuals. In a sense, we use modern-day tools to help tell your stories. We are a band of storytellers, immersed in the cycle of stories.

That's a bit of our story. Contact us today and tell us your story. We look forward to discovering new ways to help you tell it.

The Story of Stratovate.

So many people ask us "why did we choose the knight chess piece to symbolize our company's brand?" First and foremost, we try to practice what we preach. You will hear us say time and again that we believe in simple messaging and evocative imagery. With regards to the brand mark, we felt that there was no more universally recognized symbol as the knight chess piece.

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So, why a knight? In chess, the knight is usually the first strategic piece other than the pawn to move because it can maneuver over and around other pieces. Also, the knight is a piece that is mostly used in the heat of battle and is always close to the action.

This is similar to how we view our agency. We are your strategic partner, so we are your first move. We thrive in dynamic market conditions, which is akin to the heat of battle. Additionally, knights as a class were used to support their leader and were deployed on many different campaigns. And they served with honour, chivalry and compulsion. We too consider our Customers in everything we do and only act in their best interests to "win" their respective campaigns.

Your organization is your castle and the market your kingdom. Stratovate Group is on your side and will assist you in winning your campaigns.

Why Work With Us?


The Honeycomb Effect™
The Honeycomb Effect™ is a model that emphasizes integration. It is based on the premise that initiatives can inter-relate with one another, thereby creating opportunities that have increased impact, diffusion and cohesiveness.


Discovery, Determination Excecution & Evolution (DE2)
DE2 is Stratovate Group's Project Management Model. This model uses proven project management tools to create a comprehensive approach to managing client projects.


Market Engagement
Our approach to your success is developing your unique brand story and improving diffusion by engaging employees and then marketplace by creating brand ambassadors and champions. These individuals are stewards of your brand and market success.


Shared Services
For those organizations that realize the need to create change, but may not have the resources immediately to act on plans, Stratovate can help. We are a ble to provide a shared service framework to leverage our team of experienced professionals to be your team of experienced professionals.

Our Services

Branding >
Creating a compelling story through brand identity,
mission and strategies that are fully aligned with business objectives.
Digital Marketing >
Our digital solutions use the most current technology to engage your audiences and tell your brand story in an evocative way that is fully measurable. 
Strategy >
We spend our time living in our clients suture potential. Our strategic frameworks create realistic and measurable plans that take business from their current state to realizing their future opportunities. 
E-Learning >
Our digital training solutions provides an engaging and effective way to deliver your organizational knowledge to your stakeholders and marketplace.

Creating solutions that provide
unique experiences for your clients 

Delivering solutions that not only meet the needs of your clients, but help facilitate their daily routines are where strong partnerships are formed. We pride ourselves on using "Voice of the Customer" to drive all our recommendations. Designing everything for positive Customer impact. 

Our Portfolio

The Skills

Customer Centricity


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